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If you have any questions, suggestions or simply want to share some jeans-love, you can always send us an email to or DM us on Instagram @fitjeans. We reply to emails and DM's between Monday - Friday, 09:00 - 17:00 CEST time.


How do I choose my size?
We always recommend to size according to the waist measured at the most narrow point. Our jeans are super stretchy and true to size; however, we kept the waistband a bit tighter than the rest of the jeans, so they sit correctly and don't slide down. We created size guides for all our collections, please use them to find your size. If you have any questions, you can always send us an email or a DM on Instagram @fitjeans. 

What's the difference between the collections?
The main difference is the fabric. We have a separate page on our homepage where we compare all of our jeans to each other, check it out here.

What's the difference between "normal" and V2 versions?
Over the last year, we collected your guys’ feedback and implemented an improved sizing/fit template as well as revised the production/washing process, giving the fabric a nicer feel. In other words, the V2 is just an overall upgrade from the previous version. 

Do you offer petite/tall versions? 
As for now, we don't offer any petite or tall versions. Since the skinny jeans are so tight, we get the feedback from shorter girls that the jeans fit length-wise.  We also see some shorter girls rolling them up the ankle, which also looks super cute. If you have longer legs, we always recommend you to check our 360 collection since they stretch around 15-20% in length. You can find the individual inseam measurements in our size guides.

Do you have an ambassador/affiliate program?
We don't offer such programs. If you want to collaborate with us, the best way is to get in touch through Instagram @fitjeans. We are not having a specific type of person in mind when it comes to our collaborations. Each one is hand picked based on if we feel that your values, type of content and exposure match with what we are looking for. Furthermore, it depends if we are having open spots. 

I can't find a product I saw on Instagram
In order to avoid frustration we hide completely out of stock from the website. DM us @fitjeans for the latest restock schedule. Sign up to our newsletter and follow us on IG to always be up to date on our restocks and launches. 

How long before you restock?
We restock every month. You can also sign up for restock alerts on every individual product page on sold-out sizes.

We only sell B2C via, so we will, unfortunately, most likely decline. However, we appreciate your interest.

How do I return?
You can find all information regarding returns here.

Can I exchange my order?
The easiest and fastest way is to place a new order for the desired product and return the one you would like to exchange. We will refund you as soon as the return arrives at our warehouse. Use the following digital returns form to return.

How do I reclaim?
Please send us detailed, high-quality pictures in good lighting.

- Picture of the reason for reclaim.
- Picture of the whole product from the front, including tag.
- Picture of the whole product from the back, including tag.

Include your order confirmation and send everything to

How can I checkout with Klarna?
To checkout with Klarna you have to select your local currency. You can change the currency by clicking on the drop down menu (left top corner) and below "Gift Card" you will see a symbol to change currency. If you browse on your computer, it is on the bottom of our page.

Are you shipping worldwide during COVID-19?
Yes, all orders are shipped worldwide with DHL Express without delays.

Will there be additional custom fees on my order?
We ship from within the EU so there will be no fees on orders within the EU. To countries outside the EU additional customs fees may apply depending on which country and what value you purchase for. Click here for shipping and customs details.

For UK orders we temporarily do not accept orders above 135 GBP in hopes to better inform you of the new Brexit fees and duty thresholds.

What are your Terms and Conditions?
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What is your Privacy Policy?
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