FITJEANS was founded in 2018 over the frustration of not finding the clothing that we and our friends wanted in any store. Almost all clothes, especially jeans, were uncomfortable with a generic fit - we wanted to change that and so FITJEANS was created. All our products are designed in Scandinavia and produced in Europe.Story

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    Top questions:

    1. When will you restock?

    2. Collaboration (We recommend sending us a DM @fitjeans for faster replies)

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    4. Wholesale / Retail (We only sell B2C via, so we will unfortunately most likely decline. We appreciate the thought though☺️)

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    6. Reclaim/faulty product (We need photos to assess these request, please send us an email with photos to right away and your reclaim will be processed faster)

    Our customer service team has the following opening hours (except holidays):
    Mon-Fri: 9:00-17:00
    Sat: closed
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