The original FITJEANS. This collection offers 4-way stretch and is our most stretchy jeans. The denim fabric is medium thick and super comfortable. 

    360 Light

    A lighter, softer variant of the original 360 Fitjeans and also offers 4-way stretch. Our best answer to the most common issues in finding the perfect pair of jeans. 


    2-way stretch, our thickest and most denim feeling fitjeans, with distressed model options. This is the most classic denim feeling jeans we could make while still keeping as much stretch as possible. The Mom jeans are a loose fit cut that still hugs the areas that should be hugged :)


    series is also 2-way stretch, however thicker than the contour material, which means it has a more conventional denim feeling with distressed model options.  the jeans are still super comfy and stretchy.


    offers 2-way stretch, with a thin and light fabric which means it does not stretch length wise, however it stretches more horizontally than the 360. This provides more hold and "shaping effect".


    series is also 2-way stretch, however as our entry level product they do not have the same stretchyness as our other models. These are still good stretchy overall jeans. 


    are, other than the products above, made out of a chino fabric which is more like a "dress pants" and not denim.