FITJEANS are made to make you feel great and we want you to enjoy wearing them for several years. Here are some useful tips on how to make your favorite pair of jeans look and feel like new every time you put them on.

Don't wash them too often

Although it sounds a little odd: the best advice we can give you is to wash your jeans as little as possible. When you get a stain on them, it is better to just wipe it off with a damp, absorbent cloth and you are ready to go.

If your jeans are starting to smell a bit 'funky’ don’t worry; just air it by hanging them outside for a day or follow the advice of fellow denim fanatics: put the jeans in the freezer overnight. The idea behind it is that the cold will remove the bacteria that cause your jeans to smell.

If the washing is inevitable, use these simple steps below to wash your denim:

- Always wash denim items inside out, this will extend the life of color and material

- Wash with similar colors (or separately) as denim tends to give off some color

- Use cold water only if possible, wash them at a maximum of 30C/86F 

- Use a gentle washing detergent and NO fabric softener

- Use a mesh bag for ripped jeans, as they need a little extra care 

- Do NOT tumble dry and do NOT iron them, instead just let them air dry

Don't panic if your jeans feel too tight after washing - after wearing them for a little while, they’ll adapt to your body again. Also be aware of the fact that blue colors will fade naturally in time, as this is a natural characteristic of the dye, which gives each garment an individual look.

Following those tips, you’ll get the most out of our jeans. If there’s anything, just give us a shout - we’re here to help.