FITJEANS was founded in 2018 over the frustration of not finding the clothing that we and our friends wanted in any store. Almost all clothes, especially jeans, were uncomfortable with a generic fit - we wanted to change that and so FITJEANS was created. All our products are designed in Scandinavia and produced in Europe.Story


    Womens Cropped T Shirt - Aspen Yellow


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    Our Cropped T-Shirt features stretch fabric and a comfortable and form flattering fit.
    1. Soft and comfortable top.
    2. Stretchy high quality cotton and elastan fabric.
    3. Form flattering fit.
    4. 90% cotton, 10% elastan.

    The model in the picture, Susanne Kleven is 172cm/5`7" tall, weighs 66kg/145 lbs and wears a size Small.

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