FITJEANS was founded in 2018 over the frustration of not finding the clothing that we and our friends wanted in any store. Almost all clothes, especially jeans, were uncomfortable with a generic fit - we wanted to change that and so FITJEANS was created. All our products are designed in Scandinavia and produced in Europe.Story

    Detailed Info 360 Light

    We separate all our FITJEANS by collections, each collection is based on a different fabric that is used for all models that share the same collection name. 

    360 Light:

    • 4 way stretch
    • High side way stretch
    • High length wise stretch
    • Light Fabric
    • Recall technology, retains shape after wash and usage.
    • Medium hold in effect

    58% Cotton
    29% Polyester
    13% Elastan
    Wash 30°C / 86°F

    Responsible product.

    No chemical permanent softeners used in production, good for you and the environment.