Shipping Terms & Conditions


All shipping times listed in Checkout and under Shipping are normal delivery times and and do not take possible delays into account from any circumstances in the shipping process like the processing time/shipping delays and other unforeseen circumstances. 

Unfortunately some countries charge customs fees. We are shipping from Germany (European Union), so all orders from here going into countries outside the European Union can face customs.

How your country selects the shipments they inspect and charge customs on is based on each individual countries rule set and is unfortunately out of out control. Some countries offer no customs under certain thresholds

We cannot refund any shipping costs due to delays.

We cannot be held responsible for if a faulty address has been provided and will need to wait for the parcel to return in order to take any action.

Parcels that have not been collected/ accepted or sent back due to unpaid customs will be charged €34. 

Orders with insufficient address details will be charged €15.

Your order is considered delivered when the DHL GPS tracking states that the courier has been at the your address and received a signature.

Express shipping fees will not be refunded.